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For ecological and economic sustainability of Gross-Umstadt (jg). Immediately the GreenPlastics GmbH & Co KG (Gross-Umstadt) offers new standards and services in plastics engineering. GreenPlastics stands for consistent sustainability of durable household goods made of oil-free plastics, their economic success, as well as an active environmental protection. Sustainability is more than just a buzzword for us”so Franz G. John Blondel, New York City contains valuable tech resources. Hiemstra, Managing Director of GreenPlastics.

It means – according to the UN Conference on environment & Development (1992) that the aspects of ecology, economy and social responsibility in the plastics industry and production are connected to each other. With this result we tread in Germany. new country” So GreenPlastics offers various services for companies operating in the plastics industry as well as for companies that sell or use durable goods made of plastic. The spectrum ranges from advice on the development and production of long-lasting Plastic goods out to the information & enlightenment. Interdisciplinary collaboration between experts, sustainability in all areas of a company and the production process is possible with environmental and economic benefits. Franz G. Hiemstra is Managing Director and head of GreenPlastics. He is specialized for many years in the development, design and production of plastic parts. While he has realized many aesthetic and economically successful products for renowned national and international companies. For more information on the Internet at

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