Health And Turtles


Have you ever heard of a Testudo hermanni hermanni? No! Then you are right to be informed about it. A Testudo hermanni hermanni is a Greek land tortoise. . Turtle species on my website, you need to know what you need to know about tortoises. From general information on purchase, up to the position of a turtle.

Of course you can also read about our turtle babies and there are also many different images in our gallery to admire. An overview of diseases, I offer you also ongoing. Since I have not studied but veterinary medicine, it is always also a reptile veterinarian consulted. Do you live in an enclosure or in a terrarium in the house? Do they need much space? Everything on this issue, you can also check with us. Since turtles are protected, have exact rules are complied with, I present this as well. Legally you are looking for a turtle vet scheme or a Turtle breeder? Then take a look a look at us.

There you will find a list sorted by province – perhaps even one at you in the neighborhood? To see all cute, beautiful pictures of our turtles? Then you look at our website to find out where we have set up a gallery. A relatively new project is our animal web catalog. There, all Web sites about the deal with animals and thus make better advertising. A further animal animal Links directory, I can present you yet: the animal Webkatalog Thunder. A click is worth it. So, what are you waiting for?

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