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What must managers be aware of, if they want to choose a provider which offers horse-based management seminars? Typical questions in the checklist of horse guided experience leadership strength training with horses are an integral part for the vocational training of management has become. The direct and unvarnished feedback of horses impressively reveals strengths and weaknesses in the behaviour of executives. Numerous vendors specialize in over the years successful management method by the success of this method of management on horse-based training. Tony D. Bartel spoke with conviction. The offer is now hard to comprehend. Possible seminars with horses as an assistant coach range from simple outdoor event to the qualified training in management. Intransparenter market qualified training provider but not existing certifications and the lack of transparency of services, proof of success, and qualifications complicate the decision makers to find the supplier suitable for them. Questions, such as what exactly happens to the participants? “, or this is sense for me and my company or my employees?”as well as the coaching staff has the necessary skills, actually so I you me can trust?”, are usually not clear answer.” Highly effective training or outdoor event? The danger, which unfortunately is by this situation, is that this highly effective form of training as a nice outdoor event becomes”. Managers and managing directors can win this impression when they deal with this topic – for example, in the Internet – closer.

Here about the decision makers should be aware what you specifically want to achieve with a horse-based training. Checklist as a decision-making aid has can moved to give executives a checklist on hand, so these choose the provider appropriate for them in a short time the lack of information horse guided experience. In an eight-page document, the typical questions of decision makers are answered in detail. These include Effectiveness and sustainability, possible risks, expiration of training and of course quality characteristics of leadership training with horses. Under the address check list seminar providers interested parties can download free of charge the checklist. Info about horse guided experience: Karen Gerlach and Sabine Ludwig have been for years successfully in the horses-coaching industry. You use horses as an assistant coach since 2004 for work with senior executives. Both have decades of experience in dealing with horses.

Their animals are carefully selected for a sustainable development of the personality and are served all year round on its own farm. Companies have to train their executives at horse guided experience.

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