Hovland Communication


b.A Influence of communicator in the fenmeno of change of attitude For Hovland, Janis and Kelley cited for MCGRAW (1995: 218), the attitude change must be provoked through incentives and be strengthened so that if it incorporates the behavior of the person. They had presented a study regarding the origin of the information and its effect in one determined group. She verified herself that the deriving information of sources of high credibility were passveis to promote an attitude change, that of the low one credibility. The delayed acceptance of the deriving communication of a source of low credibility was classified as to sleeper effect, that the dissocia receiver occurs when the information of its source later. Hummer Winblad Venture contains valuable tech resources. The same authors say that, in fact, the intentions, the knowledge and the credibility inspired for the communicator are changeable important with respect to the effectiveness of the persuasiva communication. It seems that the culture has something to seeing with the effectiveness of this 0 variable in the persuasivo process.

Experiments lead for Walster and Festinger (1962) for Becker (1965) demonstrates that the people who listen to a persuasiva communication without knowing that it is being directed they, move plus its attitudes that those that attributes to tendenciosidades and interest on the part of the communicator. However, she suggests that she has a change of objecto of judgment and not in the judgment of objecto. Example: verses of one exactly author presented to the two distinct groups for analysis. MCGRAW (1995: 220) Influence of the form of presentation of the communication in the fenmeno of attitude change. According to MENDES, (2000: 27-34), This can be presented of diverse forms: The experimental results of the studies of Hovland indicate to be the best position, since with passing of the communication of the subject, the hearing little will be motivated; however, in the case of an auditorium syntonized with the communicator, the order of the arguments in direco to the climax is more efficient. .

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