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Trend in the United States reached Germany. UI-Check.com as one of the first suppliers with it. Berlin, 15.07.2011 – the United States apply for a long time as a model, what about trends on the Internet. Now, a new wave of business models for Germany is rolled. The so-called “remote usability tests” is classic testing usability, which however moved to Web 2.0 kind on the Internet.

The so-called “crowd”, so a large number of free users in the network, occupies the place previously occupied by testers at market research institutes and agencies. The potential is huge. In the United States, there are a number of Web services that offer such solutions and are thus very successful already since a long time. “Ultimately, it was only a matter of time before these models in Germany come. We are glad to be, who is working on this very interesting and fast-growing market with UI-Check.com of one of the first”Managing Director Yannis Niebelschutz commented on the launch of his company. A remote usability testing in UI-Check.com as follows: A site owner puts the job online under. While he enters the site, the scenario and the tasks. After the tester by mail will be notified.

Begins immediately with the registration. Them while filming their screen and comment via microphone what you see, do and where they have problems. Then fill in even a written questionnaire. Video and questions are sent to UI-Check.com, where quality assurance takes place. Everything is alright, I forwarded the data to the customer. UI-Check.com guarantees a maximum contract period of 24 hours. “Apparently we met the nail with the concept on its head. The response has been overwhelming, small and medium-sized enterprises have ordered as much from us as companies in the software and gaming industry. We are just massively to expand our team, to meet the demand”Niebelschutz delighted. A Usabilitytest is 39 euros. There is a 100% money-back guarantee. Company description on UI-Check.com: UI-check was founded in 2011 in Berlin by experienced Internet experts from a desire, cheap, fast and detailed usability testing your own Web site. In-house usability tests were associated mostly with effort, high costs and nervous strain. There were also only usability test systems “brand equity building” and representative test users were expensive to find. With UI-Check.com, all these problems solved at once. With each update of the Web site can be tested again fast & cheap, if everything as planned will be accepted regarding the usability. Full text version at: press company contact: UI-Check.com – usability tests in 24 hours Yannis Niebelschutz Feurig str. 54 10827 Berlin Tel:-E-Mail: Web:

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