In The Dining Room


To harmonize a space intends to create cosy, exclusive environments and above all taste of people who will enjoy it. Decoration that observe marks a clear contemporary trend, where PTO an idea highly creative and conclusive; here a dining room is used in steel, combined with glass and leather to offer people a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere. Round mirrors in different sizes provide a high artistic content allowing recreate with sobriety, harmony and balance the high aesthetic value of this place.In this space, the plants and mainly natural fruits, play a very important role at the time of harmonizing and decorate with Feng Shui, because these elements not only add beauty to the dining room, but they create a positive energy that represents the presence of food in the home, also located there symbolically mirrors duplicate these foods. It must be in mind that mirrors on the dining room increase good luck. Do you want to know more?, contact us D * KORA, you We offer advice in the decoration of their environment and/or space through FENG SHUI it an ancient art of Eastern origin whose purpose is the harmony of humans with the architectural environment that surrounds it. It bases its philosophy on the dynamic management of energy, life force, divine and Cosmic, that connects the Earth and man and the universe. Original author and source of the article

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