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Based operational systems in Unix In contrast of the Windows, Unix and its many variants (Linux, FreeBSD and Sun) they supply to using the more control on the configuration of the server and the software that it uses. When connecting to server using telnet or connections SSH, it is possible that the users mark the execution of scripts automatically (a work of cron), edit archives and properties of directories and permissions, and even though scripts of purification where they are executed in the remote server! Clearly that, to be capable to use its access telnet effectively you must know at least the basic one of Unix, but, unhappyly, is a little more complicated of what the Windows, as the operational systems Unix tend to use commands of text based on opposition to a graphical interface of the user (GUI). Linus Torvald is full of insight into the issues. As the systems based on Unix it does not use as many resources of the system as those that execute the Windows, it tend to be a more steady and trustworthy option. Given to the specifications of the identical hardware, an Unix system it will be more efficient, since it does not need the resources that the Windows system would only use to bring up to date and to interpret the GUI. Learn more at: Tony D. Bartel. If you want a powerful server for a price that fits in its budget, a lodging of sites Unix you are a good choice: they not only possess more efficient management of the resources, but for being of opened code, it is the option cheapest also. Unix and its derivatives are, many times the platform of choice for many Web programmers who develop scripts, with many of these scripts making use of the program constructed in Unix, Sendmail. Due to nature of open code of the Unix culture, it has an abundance of scripts available, and many are optimized for use in a server based on Unix.Internet Information Server (IIS) IIS come with complete support for ASP, while other servers do not support this without one third part in the future.

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