Trousson established a general project to explain ascaractersticas of the Utopia. According to it the Utopias bring the more recurrent comocaracterstica Insularismo. Its geographic condition, its isolation, mesmoque it is not an island and its constant escape of the reality for atitudemental, external dacorrupo is the representation of the requirement to keep the moved away community. Another characteristic is of the Utopia as an Autarchy ondeh the disdain for the Gold and the silver and with absolute economic independence. AAutarquia fears the inaquality brought for the monetary system, therefore seusistema is established on agriculture, therefore I deal it faces it as an antisocial and immoral sistemaparasitrio.

The perfect and total control of the functioning of the sistemUtpico designates another characteristic its: The geometric structure. Segundaesta, the Utopia must be perfect and the life in society must function as umrelgio, in firm axle, without being submitted to the fancy and the exception. The love pelaordem led to a misticismo point reflects the passion for the symmetry. For the utopians, they are the laws that make the good people, poisacreditam to be these born of the wisdom and the reason, workmanships of a personagemmtico, a legislator. They also believe that the institutions form costumese this in them bring another important characteristic of the Utopia: The defense of the Legislaoe of the Institutions. In the Utopia the citizen is only one part all where suavontade if confuses with the one of the state. Dissents, disagreements, claims and oppositions are ignored, as well as also in the Utopia do not exist partidospolticos, existing in the truth a Social Uniformity, fruit of the laws doestado and more marcante trace of the utopia. The Utopismo sacrifices the individual in defense of the instituiocriada one to protect the man. With absolute Dirigismo, the collective one is prioridadediante of the particular one and this makes with that it has doestado radical interventionism, in order to guarantee the order and balance total of the Utopian system.

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