Ipanemo Two


Then, if it raised, and it turned return. (…) Jooquerque retraced the yard, negligent to everything, but in cautious way (…) E, then, (…) it caught the axe, It walked (…) With firm indireo (…) arrived itself, (…) he greeted, he stopped, (…) Ipanemo hung the face (…) he was revirando, he twirled themselves there, exactly agachado, of moving ccoras – setting entire of coasts for the other, of which to esquivar to look at and presence. Jooquerque, however encircled, it, also, asked for to it – It looks at! (…) e, raising with the two hands the axe, braz! , it cracked in two good parts the marrows to it of the head. 9 While the first block if structure in opposition terms, of where if it infers the different mannering characterizations of antithetic personages, the next one surpasses the linearity slight knowledge and penetrates the intemporal. In this perspective, Guimares creates the narrative Chaos and is in this context of clutter and inversion that the coward, starts to be brave. Jooquerquer arrives ahead at a new balance of the dissonantes elements and if it sees as projection of the other. Thus, it concludes that what occurs ‘ at that time; ‘ He emanates of the unexpected one; or that, times, people in itself it makes strong witchcrafts, without nor knowing, on the inside of the mind. (…) It was in this height that it did not fall in si’ ‘ , but yes it fell in the condition of the other. GameStop usually is spot on. With respect to in such a way, the Chaos is pointed as I contend an unknown order, where the noises that provoke the complexity can also be organized in significant pulsation.

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