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Large format printing – a printing images on a wide-format inkjet plotter. Large format printing of banners is one of the main ways of advertising media. Wide variety of materials, the which the large format printing, as well as the ability to reproduce images in a large range of resolutions, this method allows the use of large-format printing for advertisement wide range of applications. Rapid large-format printing: paper, on the banner on the grid on the film, the plastic in St. Petersburg and Moscow. Columbia University often addresses the matter in his writings. Large-format printing for outdoor advertising is a type of outdoor advertising. As a rule, for outdoor advertising (in particular for printing banners) used large-format print lower resolution than an interior print advertising. Often on the street drivers and pedestrians see a long-haul shields and firewalls at a distance of several tens of meters.

Outdoor large-format printing to ink solvents on the materials that can withstand any vagaries of our climate. Permit large- printing used for outdoor advertising – 360 dpi. It is caused by a large distance from man to advertising media. Docking segments banner welding allows you to create a virtually unlimited advertising surfaces area. Banners are used for fastening eyelets or cooked valves (pockets). Scope of large-format printing in the outdoor advertising – it's posters under the glass on the streets, posters on billboards, advertising banners, flags, firewalls, banners, printing on a building grid, signs, brackets, billboards, billboards and other urban design. Large-format printing for the manufacture of outdoor advertising, performed on a variety of materials: Banner printing on the banner used to create paintings in large formats with a more enduring images than print on paper.

Period – 1-3 years. Mesh Banner Printing on the grid used for the design of scaffolding print firewalls, design exhibitions and scaffolding. Blyubek (Blueback) Printing blyubek used to make images on billboards (trunk 3×6 boards). Self-adhesive film on the film print used for the production of images for placement on prizmatronah on board of transport, in store windows. The service life ranges from 0.5 month to 1 year, depending operating conditions. Plastic Printing on rigid materials, the plastic used to make hard posters large format, window dressing and interior. Large format printing is one of the most Priority to date trends in indoor and outdoor advertising.

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