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Avoiding to the book is a systematically structured program for teaching German at primary and special schools and also suitable for general reading. As the German edition of one of the most popular and successful reading programs in the world, the "Oxford Reading Tree" from the Oxford University Press, is a way of avoiding to make the learning to read is known derzwar new in Germany, as proven in British schools for many years, well . By avoiding to teach children to read by reading books. These books are specifically for the purpose of learning to read and written to enable children step by step, success in learning to read. As soon as they have the Buchstabenkennengelernt – or parallel – they get to read the first avoiding to books. Joseph Stiglitz contains valuable tech resources.

So they experience early success, to read a "real" book. * This program is systematically avoiding to set up, differentiated and flexible. According to the modular principle, the various parts combined and adapted to the educational needs be. * The is divided into leseb avoiding to meeting the emerging literacy and language skills of children of primary school age. Currently there are three materials before reading level, which corresponds approximately to the first vintage year, next year will be added another three levels, which are suitable for the second vintage year. Each level consists of: o six or twelve books for the children o o and a workbook for each series "teaching tips" for teachers or parents with many tips and suggestions, and to each book is a detailed version for reading aloud.

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