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We comment on the building from where they commanded in Cuba for nearly 40 years before occurrence of the social revolution of 1959 and that as a very striking point within the urban spectrum habanero, it is impossible to go unnoticed in the eyes of anyone coming to the island for the first time. The magnificence of the building of the Museum of the Revolution today, with the glaring riquezaa of decorative elements in its facade is largely due to the evening competenciaa that ever existed in the first half of last century between the government and the national executive terms of functionality and aesthetic enhancement of its facilities. We talked in the previous work that the building began to be built to house the seat of city government and fuea by the whim of a First Lady of the Republic who became Government House in the nation. Asbert Ernesto was the name of the governor of the capital in the second decade of last century, to learn what it had been preparing as the executive mansion in the areas now occupied the National Capitol moved his chips to the building of the municipality of Havana looked at least not in the future. The architects should strive Asbert commissioned as the seat of national power it seemed to be one of the most beautiful buildings in Latin America. To give you an idea of what designers are facing, I show one of the projects proposed to erect the building to house the chief executive of the country and as I said had been settled on land now occupied by the Capitol, near Saratoga Hotel and the famous Partagas cigar factory.

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