Lose Money Providing Credibility


When you have a business on the Internet there are many activities in which you must focus, as the implementation of marketing strategies to promote your product or service, to carry out technical positioning, establish business relations, research your market, analyze statistics, change strategies, solve technical issues, create and send newsletters, update your (s) blog (s), etc. do mention responding to service customer? I did no good purpose because it’s generally what happens to the majority of entrepreneurs in Internet. Dealing with all the possible tasks, but do not give importance to the service to the customer; messages arrive in their mailboxes and do not respond in time, or simply never meet them. If this is your case, who wrote to you and did not receive a response in time, already gave an idea of you, of your responsibility, your business and probably made the decision to buy him the competition, who responded yes to your request. No, I’m not exaggerating, what think if you write to? a company whose product interests you and do not receive a response in time, or never do you answer? Well first thing I think is that it is not a reputable company, they are only interested to take the money of others, but there is no turn quality service. I just don’t buy. If you would like to know more then you should visit Rick Garcia. Did you know that some people go to service customer of a company only to prove that there is someone behind that website and make a decision to buy? Yes, it is so. In addition, the service is not only important to the pre-sales customer, if not also after-sales.

A client is dissatisfied with the response to your request, is closer to apply for reinstatement or complain to the company that processed the payment and put you in a situation uncomfortable. Another important point of the service to the client is to manage a formal language that convey respect to the person who reads your answer. Yes, surely you will find yourself with rude people, or those who are asking too much, but the best answer is the good example. But this does not mean that you must allow an inappropriate behavior, if a client does not change its attitude, do not forget that it is not only the client who chooses, you also decide with who you want to do business. And to conclude this article, if you don’t want to lose money, image and credibility, pays more attention to requests that arrive in your mailbox, to the comments on your blog, to messages addressed to you on social networks. Remember, it is building relationships with your prospects and customers, so he spent a time of day to do this task. CAROLINA RENTERIA GuiadeNegociosenInternet.

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