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With the asceno of the bourgeoisie, a bigger social mobility is proven. From the new (and more individualistic values), the prestige of the individual passed not to fall again only into its ancestry, being able now to be reached as resulted of the effort and the proper talent. (P. 23) the man, from if sees there exempts to exactly come back its lens on itself and to the increasing technological advances. this issue. The art if becomes an appraised profession well and turns it the picture of individuals. Concomitant to these trends, the rationality unclasps, therefore the questioning and the reflection are, from now on, characteristics possible and capable to propitiate changes. In the scene of crisis of indefinies and new proper paradigms of the Renaissance the rationalism appears of Ren Discardings and its idea on the method, thus serving of a species of model of transistion between thinking renascentista and the philosophy of the Modern age.

According to Marilena Chau, an excellent differentiation fits there on the two forms of thought: (.) in the Renaissance, the knowledge operated with the notion of Similarity, was descriptive and interpretativo. The difference between the renascentistas and the modern consists of the fact of that these last ones criticize the Similarity, considering it cause of the errors and incapable to reach the essence of the things. (Chau, 2010, p.5) the cartesian Method, main reference of the modern age institutes a model that if considers to search the truth involving the questions of the metaphysics and the problem of the proper knowledge. The GREAT Ren THINKER Discardings (1596-1650), considered ' ' father of modernidade' ' , since very young he demonstrated interest for mathematics, geometry and algebra. Although he was praised by its professors, he criticized the jesutica education that has, for considering that the education of the scholastic did not lead to no unquestionable truth.

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