Mistakes Our Government Has Made


If someone paid for it one could get rich by developing a list of blunders and gaffes of our President and his government in all areas of its use. When we look outside our borders, looking away from the immediate and Venezuelans live nearby, we realize that the blunders in foreign policy truly endless accumulate in cells that are unbalanced and wobbly cold sweat and serene more willing to observers. The output of Venezuela from the Andean Community of Nations (CAN), was justified by the signing of Free Trade member countries of the Andean Community with the United States, in particular, the straw that broke the camel, was the decision Colombia in this regard had already a good number of years and treated all species with the a Imperioa . Learn more on the subject from Tony Bartel.

This decision output, in addition to complicate our existence at the level of foreign trade and bilateral relations with member countries, meant the momentum (to the charro and realazos) the entry of Venezuela in the economic bloc of the South: MERCOSUR. We’re still in a sort of trial period, the senates and congresses of the member countries have yet to decide whether to approve our entry into the bloc. Everything seemed to go smoothly (despite the grief), to the great blunder was arbitrary and unconstitutional closure of RCTV, prior to this extent all the smiling faces of the official photos, the grand parliamentary sessions, the constant travel of leaders of the bloc into Venezuela, the princely receptions of our representative in the southern lands..

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