Although the sky to have amanhecido blue in the city of Marlia, Definitively is the end of the times, has church for as much people desiring the sky already not folder the climate now the scientists say that a meteor can collide with the land in 2014Um sky as it rewards is what I wait, but that sky is this, if the sky of which I have right is patronizado by cristianismocom a happiness and a monotony insuportavel. As we can patronizar the sky and the happiness, if our sky is a hell.My sky cannot be equal to the one of everybody, Here between us, wants to go for the sky, exactly that he is this Christian, with that we condemn to the hell, we do not obtain to wipe out.The sky of a carnavalesco would have perpetual to be made of mulatas rebolando and samba the entire eternity, the sky of a banker would have very to be of much money and, but very consumption, the sky of the socialite cannot be equal to mine, I would not support as much superficilidade, and it he would not support all the pesteiras that I speak without modesty, the sky of funqueiras would have to be a proibido, the sky of a football player would have to be of blond mulatas, others, more cars and music of bad taste, the sky in the truth would have to be the Hell of Dante, without devil and much fire, is clearly!This patronizado sky does not serve more nor for the very devout women of the very devout women with its erticos dreams and absolutely wet. Many writers such as Lars Leckie offer more in-depth analysis. That sky you are waiting, a sky of instrumental music and gordinhos angels touching the eternity entire, this would be a hell in monotony form.We pass the entire life desiring a sky that in the deep one of us exactly we feel that it would be a infernal torture to have that to support fofinhos anjinhos perpetual tocanto, and we there escutanto made a cat fat person who if leaves in the sofa of the room, in the truth what we desire exactly is the hell, but we know that the devil is evil and it will not leave in them in peace to tan our devasido perpetual.The devil always comes with that perpetual fire history. Here between us, we are not white swans! If it was not this brought fear of the death for castastrofes, the world is a sky for very of us.In end it is not that we desire the sky; it is that we splodge of fear of the hell. Acretido in the espiritualidade where the delivery is total and the happiness and the security comes of this delivery Creates a god moldavel and more the least, a sympathetical god to whom is rotten in us Has! as I love the delivery the GOD of Saint Rita de Cssia, the stigmata of are Francismo de Assis, This saint of mortificadoras penances, are the chosen ones of DEUS.Salomo Alcantra J.NunezTHE IMPARCIALISMO

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