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When you think of projecting a professional image, do you consider your posture? Most people do not think about it, but how to stand, sit, and move only affects how we view professional. So, if we take the time to wear clothing that best suits us,The most flattering hairstyle and makeup perfect, then it would make sense that we do not want to ruin our look by having poor posture. And that is what a bad position to do? will ruin an otherwise professional look. There are other advantages to having good posture: 1. Good posture will boost self-confidence. Try this: Take a deep breath and stand straight.

Do you feel better? Safer? 2. Good posture opens the diaphragm to make your voice sound better. 3. Improve your health by allowing your organs to function more easily.

It also makes you look thinner, younger, and their clothes look better. To find out if you have a good standing position against a side full length mirror and standing as it does so natural. It’s your * right * Shoulders Neck Surgery * square * feet pointing forward Or do you have: * Shoulders * Fall shed Sunken chest bust * For good posture, you should make a habit of keeping your shoulders back , shot in the abdomen, the head lifted and chin parallel to the ground. This will not be easy if they are not used to it because they have to build the muscles that keep the body in the correct position. It will take patience and practice. When you make a decision to work in its position of not waiting to happen overnight but you can be sure that will improve and you will see and feel the difference. Sheila Dicks is a wardrobe and image consultant who helps women learn how to dress to fit your body type and look slimmer. You can reach her in to download your ebook,

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