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I liked to see the work of my colleagues, I find that in it provided a field to them of different vision on such profession! It was a work I validate, therefore we had the chance to give to a vision a little differentiated on Neurology, what to make, where if it makes and to cause the interest for the area. I liked and if possible it would make another one with another profession to use to advantage the maximum this experience that were very good and proveitosa.’ ‘ Lucas Natiely 5. Course of Right ‘ ‘ With the preparation and presentation of this work of professions, we can know professions new as the gerontologia, as well as know better some courses common, and deepening in them professional courses, helping to decide it us where branch to follow in our future, our professional career. We find this project very interesting, we search to usufruct well of the subjects, that in the case are the professions, that we debate room of lesson, perceiving where place we will adaptaremos in them with more easiness better to exert a profession successfully. ‘ ‘ Arianne Mayanna Antunes Carina Rufino Dos Santos Sabrina Palonis de a Cruz Samanta Palonis de a Cruz Bruna Taynara 6. Course of Biomedicina ‘ ‘ In this work we very learn on which profession to choose or to decide which to attend a course.

Many already were known by many and others never seen before, but they had been explained and you doubt had been taken off on them. We saw which the cities where it has the facultieses and we learn on some courses that involve diverse areas, we learn mainly on the substances that to study and time of course and its specializations. This work not only helped to choose a course, but yes to search for other courses in which in them we will incase melhor.’ ‘ Diego Tiago Rodrigo Matheus Guillermo We thank the devotion of the pupils who had participated of the project ‘ ‘ Guide of Profisses’ ‘ to that they had contributed with its registers of experience in the accomplishment of the work.

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