The price will vary depending on the magician, thats obvious all have different methods, days, and different techniques, but what is certain in this magic, is that you have to be reasonable, I believe that this point is that you have less to be considered, it should be of course within your chances, but you do not have to look to the most expensive, nor much less to the cheapest. You must analyze other points than this more.In relation to money, what if you have to bear in mind, is the form of payment, you must only accept payments in person, or by secure transfer can be (PAYPAL) money orders, and whose owner is the person with whom you have spoken and hablareis, and of which you know name and surname. This assures you that it is a physical person of truth, I mean there is a curtain of smoke between the Seer and you. See more detailed opinions by reading what Lars Leckie offers on the topic.. the Magi, we are equal to the rest of society, and not titles there or anything similar, and humility and the language course must be priority, because they are signs of integrity and security. To my all these that are called teacher particularly make me grace or great.

It is true that one can, due to circumstances, specialize in one area, for example mine is love, but of Hence, to call me master, or great magician, or having to call him for you. To me, call me Ingrith my friends and my clients, and if someone trusts me their feelings, it is because he is my friend, so I have to call Ingrith, and of course for your. I hope that nobody is offended, I respect all my colleagues, and never speak well nor badly none of them, all this is only a personal opinion based on observation in all my years of profession and what my friends have told me. My name is Ingrith and me espacializo in moorings, clear sere, I work with spirits, none of herbs or waters rare, directly to level medium, speaking with spirits and resolving issues of root, you dare their results may is without cheating, if it is possible for a berth, not you enganare, bread bread and wine wine, only thing that hare will promise you a cure to forget you, when a tie is impossible, is as dire, and you dare that security if he is with someone else, they embezzlement and not say that not you beware, but if on the contrary the results show possibilities, we will with everything and get him what he wants because I get it, so am I, frentera, none of escondederas, you sabra with that type of person talking when we’re in communication, you will notice a big difference, do not underestimate humans believe that they are extremely intelligent and know when are against someone real and honest. If you do not believe me that I speak with spirits then get my book: seeing ghosts (the story of my life as a seer), and contact me and just talk. On this page of moorings I am extremely honest and direct, from there I explain how the ties and you can expect from them, is that at the fake hechiseros not liked them because I am hurting them the me, sorry but it I get tired of seeing them defraud.

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