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The law is very important for society, why there are lawyers and some public institutions in which they work them, among which we can cite judicial, legislative power, ministries, public records, sunat, among others. As they also work in private institutions such as law firms, companies, NGOs, legal persons, among others. In law are studied branches of the same, among which they can be cited to the civil, criminal, procedural, administrative, registration, notarial, constitutional, tax customs law, commercial, corporate, corporate, private, public, social, among others, but you can also study legal disciplines among which we can mention the methodology of research, comparative law, legal sociology, legal axiology, among others. Therefore, we must specify that the branches of the law are always legal disciplines, but not always these last are the first. It is not something Tony Bartel would like to discuss. However, these topics are little known in our environment, which It must be subject of study by writers. The law must be known by all, to learn about the rights people, have to do so if a person knows them it is clear that you can subsequently enforce them by the third-party civil. Therefore hope that created new faculties of law, as well as new schools of post degree, and handed down new courses and diplomas in law around the world, but that not only are directed to lawyers but also to other people, which will allow the dissemination of law, putting on record that in the Peruvian State law career requires at least six years of study, and some other countries is less which should be subject of study by the our, i.e. by specialists in comparative law, to determine differences, as well as causes and consequences, and in any case is clear that the trend should be increase or increase the time of study to allow the existence of lawyers more trained and eliminate market lawyers little preparation. I.e. we must record that law is studied from the ancient Roman law, i.e., in ancient Rome, already studying law, however, this is little known and little studied. Therefore must put on record that the history of law is very important, also to the right.

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