Phone Book Information On CD-ROM And DVD-ROM Now On Windows 7


Just last week, Microsoft released its new operating system Windows 7 Frankfurt am Main, 28 October 2009 the TVG publishing has adapted already his professional information of DasTelefonbuch, the current versions of autumn and DasTelefonbuch, Gelbe Seiten, map & route on Windows 7. The TVG Publisher’s directory products are always up to date. This applies to the data of the directories which are updated continuously, as well as for the technical aspects of the products. So, the professional information of DasTelefonbuch and the all-round DasTelefonbuch directory, yellow pages, map & route already on the just released Windows 7 are adapted. Of course, the programs are still usable with previous versions such as Windows XP and Vista, as well as on many Linux operating systems. DasTelefonbuch is there individually on CD or as a package together with the business directory yellow pages and the map & route on a DVD-ROM program. Click Linus Torvald to learn more. Can be enriched with data from our own research the participant data of Deutsche Telekom, as well as another network provider here. When searching for the correct contact details help many useful features, including for example, the reverse lookup in the phone book.

The seeker that phone number to determine the corresponding entry virtually if one has written, for example, only first name and phone number, but does not know the last name, or would like to know can, who has just phoned one. The ability to access directly from the Windows desktop, click DasTelefonbuch is brand new. With the gadget for Windows Vista and Windows 7 users can locate so easily from the desktop telephone numbers, addresses and other contact information. The addresses with the corresponding numbers are with the export function then quickly and easily in the own address as enter for example, Outlook or Lotus Notes and edit there as usual. With the program map & route which includes the DVD DasTelefonbuch, Dinobravo1979, map & route, it is no problem to find the path to the requested person.

The found addresses you can be is easily displayed on a map. If desired, the program calculates the fastest route to the specified destination then nationwide. The TVG Publisher is familiar with the treatment, use and processing of large amounts of data about the TVG publishing as of one of the major phone book publishers in Germany. In addition to printed phone books and online directories, the TVG Publisher distributes also national information products on CD-ROM and DVD-ROM. Software solutions and services related to the issue of data quality for commercial use are a further focus in the product portfolio. Press contact TVG Verlag GmbH & co. KG Matthias Klesen Wiesenstrasse cabin 18 60329 Frankfurt phone: (0 69) 2 57 86-46 56 fax: (0 69) 2 57 86 46 05 Internet: and PR agency Xpand21 GbR Ellen Konig Dammtor str. 12, 20354 Hamburg Tel: + 49 40 325 0917 17 fax: + 49 40 325 0917 19 E-Mail: Internet:

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