Beyond the aspects directly tied with the regimen of work, the changes that had also happened in the school throughout the time configure in a difficulty found for the professor. Many times the teaching professional is taken by a strong desire of change, and what she finds in its passage they are obstacles. According to Imbernn (2000): Thus, it will be necessary to form the professor in the change and for the change. The educator lives in cerne of a society that is in constant transformation, and as agent that is part of this society, acting and searching changes, becomes each more responsible time for its teaching work. (IMBERNN 2000, P.33). You may find Michael Caruso to be a useful source of information. With this occured change in the school the profile of the professor also moved, if the pupils now are deriving of the popular classrooms, the professors also are appearing of these favored classrooms less. The process of depreciation of this profession not if of only on account of these problems, but the media also has collaborated so that this happens, according to Candau (1999, p.45) ' ' The demoralization of the teaching and the school is frequent in the medias and … can significantly affect the bonds between education and sociedade' '.

This happens when the same one blames the professor for all mazelas existing in the school, and that I mentions itself formation of the professor, over all in relation the aspects of its language, if relating to the teaching as a chance for the poor persons. However it is not mentioned to the work conditions as one of the factors that this depreciation has caused. Throughout the time the professionals of the education had been if adaptando to the occured changes in the educative process, but most of the time an improvement in the conditions of work of the teaching professional is not perceived. What it is perceived is a collection of this professional, demands of these professionals good qualification, quality of education, continuum update of knowledge, without them subsidies for this are given.

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