Practical Advice For A Proper Insulation Of Our House


Did you know that a proper thermal insulation in your home can make you save up to 70% at the expense of heating and air conditioning? A good glazing is more than advisable if you want to contribute to the well-being and comfort of our home, as well as in savings in the cost of electricity, which each year continues to rise. Then I remember some of the recommendations that has made public the Institute for the diversification and saving of energy (IDAE), belonging to the Ministry of industry, energy and tourism in its energy practice guide. Efficient and responsible consumption which this year celebrates its third edition. 1. If you are going to build or rehabilitate a House spare no insulation for all exterior joinery. You’ll save money on air conditioning and gain in comfort.

2. Install Windows with double glazing or double glass, and woodwork with thermal break. 3. Ensure that the foundations of your blinds do not have slits and are conveniently isolated. Oddly it otherwise by this place there are also numerous leaks.

4. Detect air currents with something as simple as a lit candle. This will help you to know exactly where it enters and leaves the air, causing the inevitable leakage of heat and cold inlet. On a windy day, hold it next to Windows, doors or anywhere else where outside air can pass. If the flame oscillates, you have located a point where there are infiltrations of air. Decrease the infiltrations of air from doors and Windows, by plugging vents with methods as cheap and simple as silicone, caulk or weatherstripping. In addition, curtains, avoided both noticeable these leaks. 6. Close the chimney draught when not in use, will prevent that it leaks around this place. Source: Institute for the diversification and saving of energy (IDAE)

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