GERALDO DOS REIS SOUZA INTRODUCTION Ahead of the displayed one, a bibliographical research for clarification of the causes became necessary that can take young of today entering the dangerous world of the drugs. Therefore generally the consumption of drugs is initiated during the adolescence and the youth that the abusive use of drugs tries and makes not only comes increasing enters the adolescents as occurring in age each precocious time. extends the concept of prevention for ademais directly addressed actions to prevent the consumption of drugs between the children and adolescents of the schools. For more information see Michael Mauler. The general Objective of this work is: To propitiate a theoretical referencial and logical method to the professors on the influence them drugs in the process education learning them pupils in the state and municipal public schools so that they can develop one practical more conscientious and efficient one. For the complexity of the subject, we will only abide in them by the bibliographical study of the subject, and for this we still have the specific objectives: ) To identify the actors who propitiate the use of drugs in schools; b) To verify if the economic factor and the familiar desestrutura they intervene with the use of the drugs; c) To analyze if practical if practical the daily ones of the schools they propitiate the use of the drug; d) To bring up to date the knowledge of professors in relation to the use and abuse of drugs for adolescents, with main approach in the prevention in the schools. The methodology of the work was developed through bibliographical research, due to great insistence of the problem in question, and the spreading, of the same ones, books, magazines, articles and spreading of the research in schools. Considering itself that the systematic analysis of the referring bibliography the forms of prevention in the schools can contribute for the evaluation of the routes that the practical ones related have taken and therefore to favor critical and the formularization of new projects.

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