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Show off a pristine and perfect make-up seems simple but really what makeup tricks, makeup techniques used professional makeup artists to make a simple homemade makeup a worthy of any event make-up? It seems easy task although obviously it isn’t, test is that each year the market of cosmetics bets on new professional makeup artists, beauty experts to get every woman learn how to enhance your beauty with the help of the best firms and of course, best makeup products. But in reality what does exactly that a professional makeup artist makeup is so perfect results? It is a question that many beauty experts are wondering since it seems something easy to get if we take into account that this question ask it are hundreds of women who put makeup on a daily basis for years, using the best products. The answer is that the perfect result is achieved with many tricks and details that flow from the makeup artist during the make-up session and every detail counts. The first trick, although it may seem obvious, it is the training that these make-up artists acquired; the best schools in the sector, as the string of Epro vocational schools, have better teachers, professional sector, so each class is a majestic make-up session where you not only learn how to apply makeup or how to make the requested smooky eyes but that we also learn to pick up the brush properly, to respect the distance with the person is makeup thatto take ICT worthy of a professional, as the delicacy with which the shadow on the eyelid, is positioned all these detailing added. With years of experience I have learned that among professionals, it is possible even to detect whether or not one is good before you start if you want to apply makeup; by how prepares his brushes, as it analyzes the face, as he handles his other tricks of makeup product professional is having a perfect and clear structure of makeup; da equals who are makeup and for that, the order and the system of work is vital.

A great professional makeup tricks is to prepare well the skin before applying any makeup product: serum, moisturizing, pre basis, base a myriad of products that will make the result totally professional. Another of the tricks of professional makeup artists that I personally love and is the outcome of the previous point, is that they pamper not only detail the canvas in which go to make up but it also ensures that your personal seal appears at the end. Not important how many shadows used or how many products applied with the finishing touches, get that makeup goes from being a nice makeup to an impressive makeup; that get it with the help of products like the Illuminator, the application of dust in certain areas, review the fixes, final fastening products thanks to the schools that form these great masters of the art of makeup that thanks to all his tricks we can develop for a day in stars and actors. About

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