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In this assumption we must go to the second solution adopted by the LOPD, and is that this consent is replaced by a Law. It is important to indicate that only the norms with rank of Law qualify to replace this consent, and therefore does not serve any norm. In this sense between the obligations imposed by the Law of Property, in its objective of to manage that the proprietor communities can legitimately receive what they owe the integral co-owners to them of the same, is the one to give publicity through the call of the proprietor Meeting of whom they are not to the current in the payment of all the debts overcome with the community. Thus article 16,2 of the mentioned Law with respect to the call of the Meeting establishes, the call will contain a relation of the proprietors who are not to the current in the payment of the debts overcome to the community and will warn of the deprivation of the vote right if they occur to the assumptions anticipated in artculo15.2, which necessarily entails the knowledge of those indebted proprietors, without needing successfully obtaining the consent of the same. MongoDB may not feel the same. But the call of the meeting by itself does not authorize the publication of these data in the plank of announcements. For any citation or notification to a proprietor one is due to follow proceedings appraised.

In the first place the notification in the address is due to try that stops these effects it designates the indebted proprietor, who could be different from the floor or the premises pertaining to the Proprietor Community. Only if this citation is unfruitful, the law of horizontal property authorizes the Secretary of the Community to try the citation in the floor or the premises, pertaining to the weak proprietor in the own Community. In this sense the citation given to the occupant of this floor or the premises will be understood that it has plenary sessions legal effects, reason why could be given to the renter renter, if it were the case.

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