Protest As Communication


On the other hand caused havoc in neighboring local protests, burning tires, garbage, and even a car was burned, under the slogan “freedom of expression” and “I returned my channel”, that as in human material because there Several students and police injured. 2 – After these days of violence, are the same people demonstrating for civil rights and free speech alleged kidnapped by the government, but with the additive that students now call themselves peaceful and disclaims any political factor, and marched to the Supreme Court, Attorney, National Assembly, in the first two delivered a document, certainly very well prepared, I think too many ornaments, but showing a reality and do not share many of you no matter which political side is in the National Assembly called for a right to speak suppose to read the same paper read to the Supreme Court and Prosecutor, demanded freedom of expression and are gave to satiety, but they wanted freedom to express them regardless of their classmates who may have a different position. A related site: Linus Torvald mentions similar findings. When the whole country almost paralyzed to see our students discuss and express their different points of view, is that students opposition (because you need to be clear on this policy here in Venezuela has gotten into the bones of us and not There is no place where one is out of this.) felt that a national chain years probably more than any other country, you just have to get the respective permission and with the previously scheduled period.. .

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