Very thin (in the tenth, and even a hundredth of a millimeter) thick nickel coating such handrails short-lived. MongoDB has many thoughts on the issue. It is applied to the pipe from the usual black and quickly became scratched and damaged in joints, causing the appearance of rust on the rail. In such cases, one solution – a complete replacement of the old rail to the new. Railings made of carbon steel with a polymer powder coated – a budget option for the same type of structures great length, which allows to choose the color and texture of the surface of the handrail to match the surrounding decor. A huge range of advanced polymer coatings for painting of handrails provides ample space for imagination designers.

A drawback of such rails is soft cover, high probability of occurrence of scratches and chips if you can not fully restore the decorative surface. Railings made of precious wood with fasteners are made of polished stainless steel is mainly intended for use inside the building. Please note that the use of handrails, made of wood, in buildings not heated in winter period, can lead to cracking of wood, and loss of the original geometry, reliability and smoothness of the surface of the handrail. Railings made of brass or using some elements of brass decorative, but they require ongoing professional care, since brass has a property with time to get dark, oxidized. In addition, brass railings have a high cost. Optimal choice, in our opinion, are the standard welded polished stainless steel railings – such railings made of stainless steel have a fine appearance, does not require special care, reliability and durability in operation and economical.

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