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In accordance with Xifras-Heras (2000), the information is the transmission of facts or knowledge, since it leaves of being an only element to become a set, confusing itself with daily of subjective elements or the technician, whose necessary intermediate integration, that is the ways of transmission. The information is the set of the forms, conditions and performances to become public the elements of knowing, facts, events, speculations, of action and projects, everything this by means of one special technique, carried through for this end and using the ways of transmission or social communication. We can evidence from the vision of Teixeira (2005) and the other above-mentioned authors, who definitions regarding the information, demonstrate that the same one is complex to appraise itself concretely, possessing flexibility to contain diverse meanings depending on the used context, mattering, however, to know that it is present in all scientific branch and that she contributes for generation of new knowledge. 2. 1 SCIENTIFIC INFORMATION Consonant Days (1999) was during Century XVII that it occurred, in fact, from science occidental person of old Greece, the consolidation of the which had scientific communication to the sprouting of the first scientific magazines, created for the Real Societies and National Academies, contributing excessively for the spreading of information of scientific character. The concept of scientific information, according to Targino (2007, P.

96), is seen under an only form of analysis, a species of consensus in all the scientific community. If the formation and the emission of concepts constitute complex and dynamic process by itself, it has a point consensual and univocal, that is, in any circumstance, the expression scientific information is seen by the people, most distinct, in identical way, under one absolutely alone form of interpretation, based even though on the most generic dictionaries … For the author, scientific information means ‘ ‘ …

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