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With the issue of recruitment a curious thing happens: “all heads or managers of companies are able to select.” Sometimes I’ve seen people get upset if you ask them: “Do you know which are the keys which are going to know or no, if the applicant demonstrates that she knows what to do?. Answer: “Lord, I am Manager … Details can be found by clicking Joseph Stiglitz or emailing the administrator. and so what I’m doing.” In the following you will find some mistakes that I have observed in selection processes (and do not be surprised to see these same mistakes in big transnational companies or Top. In the words of Miguel Rios (Spanish singer) is a situation … To read more click here: Nigeria. “as human as contradiction “(theme: how hard it makes me can hear it) I’ll start this series of articles on the topic: Ignorance is bold 1 .- Ignorance is bold It ignores the real needs of the post You can not choose whether to start before at least you will know the person, how to execute the tasks, materials and supplies to operate, which machines and tools used, with whom the company is linking . But there are times when people involved in the process does not have the knowledge and even less on the same criteria which is the main or accessory which is what, ie: “Not all understand” A publishing company received numerous requests to meet vacancies “Promoter of math books.” After removing all applications which did not cover the essential requirements, the recruiter had on his desk seven applications from people with academic work history and basically the same.

I select three of the seven and asked the secretary to submit to these three first consideration by the Sales Manager. The Sales Manager to view the resumes to the recruiter asked: Why did you select these three applications in particular? The answer was: “Since the other factors being equal, I am inclined to prefer applications 3” classical music fans. “Mathematicians are fond of classical music very often, and it is likely that these candidates to win acceptance more easily in circles in which there are frequent comments on Mozart, Beethoven and Chopin. “(?) The word many is round”: Analysis of position. “Others will say” job description “and other more” job specification ” .

It is the purpose of this article do a manual of these issues, because there are many websites dealing with this matter, superficial or retail. But it seems they do not know exist or do not visit because they are too busy Entrepreneur The ideal candidate: I see from your resume that you have completed two specialties, in addition to MBA. On the other hand, speaks five languages, holds a black belt in Taekondo and has completed studies in piano. Some of its staff, capacity for teamwork, initiative , leadership, communication skills, sociability, blah, blah, blah …. Candidate: Yes, although I sent CV is short. If I can provide accurate three complete volumes. Employer: No, not necessary … What I like is that I respond with honestly, do you really feel you are qualified to work as a cook in my restaurant?

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