Reducing Cleaning Service Costs


Due to increased competition in the cleaning industry, such factors as the quality of cleaning services relying become one of determining when winning and retaining customers. The quality of services to a greater extent depends on the applied technologies, work organization, personnel, use of harvesting machinery, equipment and chemicals. Accordingly, on the one hand saving the budget for each of these components can lead to poor quality work, on the other hand cost reduction leads to increased profitability of the company. Unfortunately, some companies see the solution to this problem is to reduce the start-up costs. However, no attention assumed that the introduction of more advanced technologies and quality products ultimately helps to reduce the cost of cleaning up and improving quality. This article focuses on the benefits of using professional quality equipment and consumables. Yes, professional inventory includes some start-up costs, but these costs represent only a small portion of the total population, and have strong influence on the rest. Let us consider in more detail.

Staff. Advances in technology reduces cleaning time for its implementation, thereby reducing the number of staff involved. Ergonomics – notably less fatigue of staff by reducing physical activity. This leads to greater motivation, reduce sick leave and in the overall picture less turnover. Reducing costs detergents. The use of modern materials and professional application of new methods actually saves detergent. And in many cases, expensive safety coating intended for cleaning. Reduce the cost of equipment due to its durability.

A simple example is well thought of fasteners in inventory and materials, thus reducing breakdowns and costs acquisition of new products or parts for replacement. Among other things, most of today's consumables, such as microfiber cloths guarantee duration of use (from 2 to 6 months depending on the improves. One of the most advanced technology cleaning system is the preparation, based on this method by Vileda Professional has developed a system SVEP High-Speed. The method consists in using pre-prepared cleaning tips and cleaning rags. You do not need to use a bucket and wring out. Cleaning process begins with the preparation of the required number of cleaning nozzles (mop), and the degree of hydration can be adjusted, which is indispensable when cleaning a parquet floors and on which are smudges. Next, the prepared materials are placed on a trolley or bag, and during harvest can be easily replaced by the degree of Handles make it easier to work. A more intelligent tools (nozzles for cleaning the dust in hard to reach places, sleeves) make it easy to clean stairs, walls, batteries, lamps, etc.

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