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Now website promotion through publication of articles is extremely popular, and to develop their own site, many are placed on it a compilation of articles on related topics. Besides the obvious benefits for the search promotion, articles may be of interest to visitors. In this case it would be nice to know that most visitors like to continue to publish more of just such items. In addition, visitors can also interest rating of articles, as the choice of many people are guided by someone else's opinion. To construct the ratings are used two ways – automatically counts the number of reads Web pages and clear affixing rating by visitors. When creating a site where you plan to place a section with articles, recommended to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of both methods to select the most suitable. It should be remember that the ideal way to assess not exist, and any results of ratings may differ from reality. If we consider the automatic calculation of the display, it must be said that he did not directly related to the quality of the article.

Man, going to the page, make a decision based on a brief description of articles or articles listed in search results. Thus if a page with article was in first place in the issue, it will read many, regardless of quality. A good place to be in the SERP article can be wasted due to its promotion of, and not because of its quality. After visitor loads the page with the article, its rating will increase by one, even if the visitor recognizes the story of poor quality. It should be noted that counting the reads can still be useful as talking about for users. Time following a link was made, then at least the title and summary of the article is interesting to someone. You can try to write more articles on a similar theme to attract more users. For their convenience, you can display a list of articles, designed as a tag cloud.

This will highlight the most-read articles. Article Rating visitors, such as a star rating, also has some disadvantages. The main one is that the vast majority of visitors does not make estimates, and those who bet, do not always reflect the majority opinion. It is often exhibited rating is not related to the quality of article, but, for example, is a consequence of today's mood of the visitor or his personal relationship to the author of the article. Thus, guided by our visitors affixed ratings should be more careful than the results of counting visits. Both methods are described fairly strongly at risk of deliberate distortion. If someone wants to artificially raise or lower rating articles, do it fairly simply, and methods implemented to protect against such actions, it is easy to dispense. Of course, you can use a complex integrated system of evaluation that takes into account the fact of the arrival of a visitor to a page of his opinion, the time during which he remained on the page, re-return. You can evaluate other factors, but to implement such a system is difficult, and it is hardly expedient. As a result, you should choose one of these methods or a combination thereof, but not should not rely too much on the results.

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