Scalable Advertising With Adwords


The pay per click is marking a new form of advertising. So, more and more companies are given account using adwords, in the right way, make profit the entire investment in advertising. Many companies have stopped advertising in other media to pass to pay per click. Or click payment is the most efficient and inexpensive way to get sales. And it is simply, offers to your services, who seeks the opportunity to see what they offer. It is not something Ann Winblad would like to discuss. And in addition, pay only for the potential customer’s visit.

Think about it, is like going out and know exactly who are the people that are interested in what you offer. Rather than spend 6,000 euros in a huge poster, where you advertise you and where everyone can see it on a place of passage. Instead, you spend very little money and only by each person who interested in what you are looking for. It is a highly scalable system, for example, small businesses can set its spending in 4 a day. Say for 40 days, then all the key words that have entered the web may be identified and that really They provide sales. In general, be identifiacn 3 or 4 types of words. So is the situation in which the advertiser pays everything the market give because it pays pay for keywords that sells.

You don’t pay for any word, but it pays for the words that it has been statistically shown that users are going to buy. For example, if the click goes to 0.30, bring 100 people costs 30. We have 100 people who come to our website to see what we offer. If the conversion rate is 1%. It means that those 100 people buy only one. Finally, if the product we sell costs 90, and bring these potential visitors has cost 30 we are profiting the adwords campaign. We make money, investing in advertising. If this type of advertising you seems cumbersome and you’ve opted to put a huge sign on a site with high visibility, it will not let you locate your ideal client. That also requires a strong difficult to make profitable investment. It is like killing flies to Cannon. Advertising with ads using AdWords is a task that requires much experience.

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