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If you must transport for example, wet dogs, this is a great advantage. Security’s going on! Dog owners should know this: according to paragraph 23 of the current highway code animals in Germany must be secured in the car during transport. Breach car accident insurance may refuse compensation and risk a fine. In the other European countries, mainly in Italy and Spain, is now verified checks whether the dog has been saved, and a violation punishable. The dog should be safe housed not only for technical reasons. Separation nets, mesh or the best course stable dog boxes protect the dog that is otherwise hurled sharp braking or an accident through the Interior.

The animal with a special harness securely in the car or in a transport box should sit on the back seat. Ask simply at your retailer or your car dealer accessories are there for your vehicle. In particular, if one has to transport more than a dog, a correspondingly large vehicle is necessary. Caution! In puppies and young dogs should enter and exit as low up to twelve months as be possible. There are also special ramps in specialist shops. Off-road vehicles due to the high bumper growth difficult or run disabled dogs (small dogs, dachshunds, Basset Hounds, heavy and huftdysplasiegefahrdete races) aren’t going to recommend.

Such dogs must wear or use a ramp but it is! Don’t forget: bring your dog from the outset in that he can not just jump out of the car. He should sit only as long as, until you have to leash him. Then, the dog must leave the car. (The coach of the top dog school explain link like as see it goes. – contact us below on this page) Give to eat your dog only slightly on the day prior to departure. The last meal to prevent at least four hours before driving, nausea and vomiting. The dog should not be fed on the drive itself. Insert enough stops to treat the dog’s movement and to drink to give him something. Drive breaks every two hours are ideal. Make sure that the dog not at an open window in the airstream sitting, because he is otherwise easily can catch a conjunctivitis. If the dog is on mountain roads much yawns or pants, you give him a chew bone. By chewing the ear pressure dissolves. Leave your dog unattended in a parked car. In the summer, temperatures well over 30 degrees Celsius occur very quickly inside the car. After 15 minutes, this heat for dogs already becomes a deadly danger. Always take your dog during the breaks on the leash and attach an Adressmarke to his collar. If not already done so, you should have a pet register – for example the German pet register of the German animal welfare association e. V. or TASSO E.v. – register your dog prior to departure. This increases the chance that you find your pet in case of a fall faster. -Heed the above in your dog’s – interest, nothing more in the way is a relaxing holiday. You can set questions on the subject to the professionals of the top dog school. The coach of the top dog school wish you and your dog continues to much Fun! Your team from Schonfelder DogCoaching the mobile dog trainer Tel.

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