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This article make reference to some references the importance of the desentido concept (Sinn) for scientific history. For this, it is to necessriointroduzir as the theory of Max Weber was constructed with base numaproblematizao of the direction concept. After this, epistemolgicas implications of the felt concept will be apresentadastrs of for the histriacientfica: different directions constitute event of the past the same; aimpossibilidade of a disinterested knowledge; the necessity deapreciaes of value so that something, in way the description-cultural doevento including infinitude, can be cut and be invested comsignificado. Perhaps the question that better represents modernity, taken in a generalized manner and in its aspects philosophical and antropolgico, either the question of the direction and meaning of the life. The question for the direction of the life, without a doubt, is the symptom most evident of a certain outcome of modernity. But modernity, as historical context, supplied the enough conditions so that, first, it could and this is accurately what, here, for us characterizes, it -, as historical time, to have offered conditions for the sprouting of a latent doubt how much to the direction of the life? Because, amongst all the other cultures, only modernity occidental person capitalism as the main axle of values of modernity, on the other hand, and the rational religion and its teodicias as the valorativa matrix of ' ' Mdia&#039 age; ' of ' ' tradio' ' , entailed authors to a certain chain of intepretao, had read Weber understanding that, for it, in this direction, had a deep opposition, typical of the Iluminismo, between faith and reason; epgonos of one another chain, more recently, interpret the workmanship of Weber in a way essentially distinct e, at least, not less reasonable. Although partisan unequivocal of science, for such chain the workmanship of Weber does not establish an absolute opposition between the religious rationalism and the scientific rationalism, but, very differently, admits a scale of gradual differentiation of one for the other.

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