Scouting Fun


You have never seen legs on the streets, walking with a short-sleeved blue shirt, which seems collectors combination, but beware, they are not, with many patches on the shirt, ha! and most distinctive, with a scarf of many colors (sometimes in one color depending on whether the group)?. Well that might be a basic description of how you see a scout in the street, very different from a ordinary civil. I am a scout from a few years ago and that between what I liked then I offered my group, and is that scouting is one of the largest movements in the world who work with children, adolescents and adults based on a law its ten articles, very concise, which was written in the handwriting of, better known as Baden Powell, or BP, created a very particular way of life and are now thousands of people around the world. At one time there was also in Cuba, so long ago but long. Believe me, being in a group is fun, you get many experiences, learn new things, many things happen him, because when you grab love this group feel that you should support it, grow it, create solutions to problems that may arise, you feel a little responsible for it, is a symbiotic relationship in which you are the host and can choose to stay and leave when there is nothing that you can offer, or your on.

Although the most important before the group is to belong to the movement the group only is the body that helps you log on. Learn more on the subject from Dr. Obiageli Ezekwesili. camps, starting with the organization but in the end we ended up not so organized, giving the camp more excitement than you think, since you can end up eating potatoes cooked in clay, which end not so cooked with tuna and nothing else but rich, but if cook food and there is a mess in the kitchen because masacote finished with noodle, stuffed cause salt, among others, but that's the fun in that if you do not do well end up richer than eating what you can cook anything at all If you can eat something bought but may store nearest this one that another couple of miles. outside food, the experience of living outdoors away from all knowledge of other places, is fantastic, and if at first you do not appreciate how beautiful everything around you there will be more eager to get back to another camp to observe the sky at night their clouds, breathe fresh air, no annoying sound of the birds, the scenery, everything!, the mystique that there is surprising. walking with a short-sleeved blue shirt, which combined seem to collectors, but beware, they are not, with many patches on the shirt a.

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