Generally speaking, many people associate the search for cheap hotels for accommodation with profiles that match young people with limited resources, since they are those who invest more time to find the best proposals smacks and adjust the budget within reach of your pocket. However, there are also other profiles in this search, people who do not have time or do not have the basic knowledge to locate these offerings, a clear example of this profile are older persons. It is currently supporting these people, giving guidance initiatives to specific bid. In this way, we can see that different autonomous communities in collaboration with certain operators, promote multiple offers that bring tourism in Europe to people of the third age, at very affordable prices, which in some cases improve 40% of regular prices. So are eligible for travel and accommodation in hotels of three or four stars at more affordable prices, and last, but not less important, eliminate barriers and obstacles so that searches are less complicated. The actors involved in the different chains of the tourism sector and booking are beginning to assimilate the reality of the population that is aging. Unlike previous generations, our elderly are much more active in terms of pleasurable activities such as trips, for this reason, any initiative that supports this activity is welcomed.

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