Products and services are often classified depending on its functionality, complexity, benefits that satisfies. There are those who meet basic needs as food, luxury as certain brands of truck, and specialized aircraft or rockets. An airplane is not one product, since its high technology guarantees reliability and security. Also, the airlines services must be available to meet flights last time Madrid or London or New York, handling different packages of discounts as offerings of flights Madrid or Barcelona, and gear of the entire operation, from the reservation, sale, attention in the ticket office or window of the airport, the departure and arrival of flightsthe handling of baggage, the location of the chairs, the administration of food and drinks that are offered during the trip, among others. imer Crow Holdings on most websites. The different types of products and services are aimed to satisfy certain needs to know: basic needs such as food or clothing. Be4 which should be fulfilled without discussion and where products tend to resemble each other and are massively. Security, housing transportation, followed in importance by trying to meet urgent needs.

As in the case of travel which in some cases do not give waiting nor are matters of discussion, because of its importance. The emotional, mental and spiritual needs come gaining great importance since human beings found in these satisfiers many answers to your life and transcendence. The consumer is normally enough competition, and various alternatives to select products that will satisfy the needs within their basic and higher scale. Iberia will fit within the needs superior to the majority of consumers who seek alternatives to holiday, but at the same time can be positioned as a basic need for executives than by issue of his work is demanded of them permanent and regular travel.

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