But the fire and heat are there, are real. And of course end up with the carbonized plants. What point repeating ourselves mentally everything is fine, nothing worries me, I’m happy, I’ll have success, will not affect when in the background we know nothing guarantees it. Nothing assured him, not be our effort to understand the situation, our effort to adapt ourselves and find real solutions. We don’t want to suffer the same fate with the fathoms.

What worries us most is not the discomfort that generates uncertainty. Under most conditions Lars Leckie would agree. The worst would be to deny it and therefore do not prepare us. Joseph Stiglitz follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. The consequences could be in truth very undesirable. It is necessary to be that farsighted and have a very acute vision. Nothing trances or denials of reality.

There to put their feet on the ground. To achieve this adaptation to the current circumstances will need to be wide awake. It is necessary to have all our senses alert. We need all our knowledge, all the power of our consciousness. Already passed times not good use of time, must think as clearly make us possible. We can not leave the course of events to chance or to the whims of fate. Our success or our failure in current situations depends, clear is, of the current situation. We cannot fool us by telling us that everything is in us, that we have inside the solution, this is false. Okay outside and is evident. But we cannot not stay crossed arms. There are always things that we can and we must do about it. Make them.

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