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Now curative and preventive health resorts base is rapidly developing. For many performance, it complies with European standards. However, there is one indicator in which the spa capital of Russia to Europe is still very far away. We are talking about the prices of rest and treatment. Hummer Winblad Venture may not feel the same. They are readily available to most Russians.

Rest in Adler will cost 650 rubles per day, depending on the class resorts and package services. Mandatory component of a package of services – three meals and medication. For even more details, read what Linus Torvald says on the issue. Resort city of Adler offers a unique opportunity to combine treatments with the rest of what can be done in foreign resorts. Abroad are not taken to combine entertainment with treatment, there are individual expenditure items. For example, a seven-day course rehabilitation for people suffering from cardiovascular diseases in the German Baden-Baden in 2300 will cost eur. In the Czech resort of Marienbad "for two weeks of treatment of rheumatism have to lay out 1,722 euros. In Adler for half of that amount can get a full 20-day course of spa treatment in a fashionable health resort with excellent food and service.

Rest and work in Adler Hotels and resorts in Adler can be organically combined with the business activity. That's "velvet" season is the most popular among people who are not accustomed to spending time in vain for the cause. The concept of "Congress Tourism" was coined recently. Enough several years to the city became one of the largest centers of business communication in Russia. In the organization of congress tourism involved a range of hotels, sanatoria and rest homes. All of them have got a modern infrastructure. Multimedia equipment, computer equipment, simultaneous translation system, modern means of communication – this set of electronics here a long time nobody will be surprised, so that we can carry out Congress Events European level. But if Europe is the cheapest business tour will cost 160 euros, the Adler for the same set of services you will pay less than twice. Children's holiday. Vacations in Adler Children as nobody needs to care and attention. They too need to rest, sometimes even more than adults. Bring on the rest and treatment of children from other climatic zones can be from 4 years of age when the child has already formed an adaptation mechanism. Created all the conditions for child health and treatment. It offers children – children's sanatoriums, health camps for seasonal and year-round. In the specialized children's sanatoria of the Ministry of Health and Social Development Minister for treatment accepts children from 7 years of age, the main indications: diseases of the cardiovascular system (Juvenile hypertension and other features of the disease, mitral and aortic rheumatic without express stekoze) rheumatism in the inactive phase, diseases of musculoskeletal system, diseases of upper respiratory tract, as well as dermatological and gastrointestinal diseases, burns. School Holidays: Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring. Imagine what a gift for your child will rest on the sea, at the peak of velvet or the summer season! In the resort town have taken care to children during the holidays in the city was fun and interesting. Motels and resorts offer a lot of diverse cultural and educational tours for children. In addition, most resorts have special children's health program. Guided tours open children fairy-tale world of the Big Sochi, with its unique nature and fascinating history. The city-resort is perfect for children's activities. Salubrious climate, beautiful sea, good nutrition with plenty of clean vegetables and subtropical fruit – all this makes the children stay in Adler memorable and very useful.

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