Solo Coach Did Not Injure


How to start a sports studies? If the theater with a hanger, a sports club with locker rooms. And the cheaper classes in a club, the worse things in the dressing room in such clubs. There is stuffy, dirty, stink afterwards, and sometimes do not even have lockers for his clothes. But forget about the locker room, there's much more important places where the burn through even the most expensive sports clubs with an annual cost of cards for several thousand dollars, such as: World Class and Gold Fitness. Most weaknesses in clubs – it's coaches. As Sadly, even in such clubs sometimes and get the most eminent and honored master of sports, many do not know how to teach.

You may ask: "Why teach the coach should train," to which I reply that the coach can to be a genius, and teach their skills, try as he may not. Even yesterday, talked to one woman (Anna), who has visited more than 5 clubs of Moscow, before decided to go with a private individual coach. Let me tell you about her bad experience, or rather about the very interesting point: the ratio of coaches to dealing with and yet who came to beginners. When she chose a fitness club, the main requirements for them were: Distance from home, professional trainers, and a little worried about the price, as giving $ 3,000 for an annual card was a little scary, because the unknown, like whether to engage, and indeed, may cease to want to do.

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