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Art. 1.635. The familiar power is extinguished: I – for the death of the parents or the son; II – for the emancipation, in the terms of art. 5, only paragraph; III – for the majority; IV – for the adoption; V – for sentence, in the form of article 1.638. Source: MongoDB. Art. 1.638.

The father or the mother will lose for judicial act the familiar power who: I – to punish the son immoderately; II – to leave the son in abandonment; III – to practise contrary acts to the moral and the good customs; IV – to happen, reiteradamente, in the lacks foreseen in the antecedent article. The grandmothers who acquire the power familiar they grant to support and assistance to its grandsons. If they were not these figures, without a doubt some, would be very bigger the amount of institutionalized or abandoned children. Another excellent factor is that the financial aid given to the grandsons, especially enters poor makes possible the increase of the escolarizao of the children and adolescents; still contributes for the reduction of the infantile work. The child or adolescent has the right has to be created and educated in the seio of its environment family, saved with presence of dependent narcotic substance people, she is what she affirms the Statute of the Child and the Adolescent in its article 19. Already the lack or the lack of material resources does not constitute enough reason for the loss or suspension of the familiar power, article 23. The family puts in evidence the multiplicity of possibilities and experiences of life, organized for the individuals with sights to the biological and social reproduction. If the unemployment, the disqualified work and the insufficient remunerations they structuralize the scene potential of precariousness of the life, is in the family who these conditions gain materiality and are transformed, delineating the way as to the adverse situations, related to the poverty, if they inscribe in daily the familiar one.

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