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Portuguese Language


She is this last one that she introduces the graphical epidermis of the book, in way that the written word is presented by rule as the last link of a chain that joins the individual to the literary composition. However, so soon it installs itself in the domain cognitivo of one human being, converts it […]

Martins Sources


LOSS apud GENNARO, 1982:155 – 187; MOMIGLIANO apud FINLEY, 1998:359 – 380). alegoria cosmological apocalyptic locates the religious system in its almost labirntica multiple capacity. Existing a radical opposition between sacred (the-description) and profane (real) we do not have a sacred adopting the diverse ones representation of forms, since the sacred one total forbidden until […]

The Thought


Another factor that if questions is the distinction, category or reality of the historical speech that critical the literary one leads for literature, the historians appeal to the same reality with that they appeal to social sciences. Literature suggests alternatives to know and to describe the world and, with this, uses the language to represent […]

The Diary


Leonid Andreev is one of those writers who in life had underestimated and forgotten after his death. In his work he has developed two main themes, which, on the one hand, are very similar, but on the other – are different: the theme of war and subject Demon which mainly shows the duality of human […]



Cantigas folclricas caractersticatipicamente composes a on one to the children and Manuel Flag portraies this in the Narua poem of the soap well: It falls, falls balloon It falls, it falls balloon In the street of the Soap! What balozinho of paper cost to arrange that one? Who made was the son of the laundrywoman. […]

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