Technological Adjustments


Walking for this conceptual field established by Freire, it is coherent to affirm that the technology used in the school must be capable to provide to the citizen-apprentice all the luck of modifications, reutilizaes and customizaes. That is, the pupil must be able to try and to adjust the technology of the form that better to agree to it. But this is possible with software proprietor? The Windows allows that the user prints a new graphical presentation more specifically or, of applications techniques its programs? Software Proprietor called software as proprietor is that one whose copy, distribution or modification are restricted to its creator or detainer of the authorship rights. The user does not possess access to the code source of the used programs, limitation that hinders the elaborations and possible constructions of its users. Software proprietor with which more we are accustomed to coexist is the operational system Windows and all the gamma of applicatory it associates, as the Office package that understand publisher of text, publisher of spread sheet, publisher of presentation, gerenciador of e-mails and publisher of data base. She is necessary to stand out that the use of software proprietor, when folloied and supported in a pedagogia of projects, that contemplates the research, the discovery, the experimentation, can be a valuable tool for the knowledge construction.

A tool valuable, however limited, therefore the participation of the user if locks up in the inherent characteristics to the type of license of software; a commercial aiming, valorado and of restricted use. In the contrahand of this proposal we see the software free that, for its bigger characteristic will work under the prism of the freedom.

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