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Read it one or more times, if necessary. Can you understand it? Do you like your article? Do you leave any teaching? This is a good beginning. Now, ask someone you trust who read his article and tell him that impression It causes him. Did you like him? You understood it? Did you leave any teaching? If acceptably to respond to these questions, publish your article. Don’t wait, anyway, that is the pleasure of all.

You must remember that you are the expert on the subject and why your readers will want to read your article. They will want to learn from you and, at the same time, know more it can offer them. It is here where you will make a difference with regard to its competence, the quality of the content. Such quality will depend, that readers want to visit your web site or blog, you are inviting them to which their links. The concern of new columnists, is how to obtain information for their articles. This problem is already solved. Read more understood the implications. The information that exists on forums, blogs, and websites of other persons is abundant.

Do not copy. Study, thirty-fold and refresh your knowledge, put examples, information suits their circumstances and environment. It is necessary to write something every day and, if not possible, at least 3 times a week. And not the forget: place links to your website, blog or product being promoted. e. If you are publishing in directories of articles (web sites specialized in the publication of non-articles), remember to incorporate a brief summary in the field intended for this purpose. Most of the directories requested it. This can be done in four or five sentences. This summary is intended to convince the reader that you should read your article. Therefore, this part requires attention and effort on the part of the writer. You could lose a unique chance to get readers to read your article and they are directed where you want to direct them. Promote your web site, blog or product through marketing with articles is really easy. Pay attention to ideas found in this article, use them and make them the greatest possible advantage. Remember: An attractive, content title well structured and organized, content with excellent information, a careful before you publish and ask for review the opinion of other people. Finally, don’t forget the main objective. Direct readers to your website, blog or product through the incorporation of links. f if you do this properly, marketing with articles bring you as a benefit, increased traffic to your web site or blog, that is, ultimately what is intended with this form of free advertising.

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