The Direction


The first one, a young of 40 years, almost dressing terninho very lined up to its body – still attractive exactly for young just left the puberty -, with determined position, as of who she is accustomed to lead. was accurately this personality hindered that it to take that one sabonete. Its hand followed a line perfectly straight line in the direction of sabonete. A light shock with one of the passer-bys, however, hindered that they met. As the young wanted only one sabonete any enters as much that had there, apanhou what it was in another tip of the new line, equally straight line, assumed for its hand.

Certainly this would not have been the outcome of the meeting if it dealt with a perfume. Some good instants after, however, a new meeting occurred. Of this time, a cash. In this in case that, it were not so easy to describe the personage. Not because he was endowed with very singular personality, but for the opposite.

Of so common, it was difficult to identify traces individualizavam that it. It was only one prosaico. To apanhar sabonete, its hand did not describe any known figure of geometry. Before, it fell almost inert on the stack of sabonetes and if it dragged completely disinterested for diverse of them. The closing of the fingers to apanhar that specific sabonete was so casustico that it would make of the most optimistical theoreticians of the human behavior to become a skeptic on the possibility to find laws anticipate that them. The excessively characteristic ones of the prosaico were equally unprovided of spirit. He was vulgar an uninteresting one. To the end, however, it seems to have been the ideal marriage for sabonete, equally ordinary. The two had inside followed long way of a full bus. Sabonete was in the company of some others few banal item that satisfy only necessities current of its users, and that therefore nor they are noticed in the daily one.

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