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How that two partners? Yes. Your partners are those who know how to do the work, one design and other controls. I REPEAT. One designs and other controls. But Martin I thought that you were going to talk about saving money, not increase spending with more people that I have to pay!!! It is true will be charged to each his own. But if you don’t tell them you’re lost, thousands of doubts about measures, tools, materials, documents, contracts, will not know how much to pay the bricklayer, etc., all without telling that not make you responsible anyone for all errors that they occur. They are responsible for everything comes out correctly.

The designer is responsible for design and for all technical documentation, to realize that design. The Director is responsible for that is carried out as you playing with the designer and certify that what says the technical documentation are translated into reality, without any distortion. Partner No. 1: The designer lack of well-communicated information within a work, is the main source of loss of money and is the cornerstone of all the misunderstandings with the constructor is very difficult to really trying to remove the construction forward with only a few data. That is why it is vital to have a project that explains step by step what to do. If you leave free to every constructor, you what you understand or want to. And for you will be an additional job decrypt which is what has been budgeted each and compare them. The architectural project is a detailed tender specifications for all tasks.

ALL. There may be unforeseen, and if it appeared an unforeseen event easily given the person responsible, who shall respond accordingly follow me? Partner No. 2: The Director of work its main work lies in inspecting the execution architecture draft, that everything is correct and is being constructed as planned. Detect failures so they are repaired. It is an intellectual work, not of execution. It is a very common mistake to believe that Director’s work is that leads people to the morning, opens the work and brings materials, call the electrician this is the Constructor, not the DIRECTOR. Your second is best partner and you will need to represent you within the work. Contract a good dog of prey that follow closely to the constructor. Closely means daily or every 48 hours maximum. I guarantee you that if a director’s work is going once a month to work, it will be full of hidden defects which could not inspect. The real work of director of works consists of two tasks: 1) represent your interests within the work. You hired a couple eyes additional experts to yours, whose mission is to notify the Builder every time does not respect the project in any of their points so that they are compensated. (2) Issue certificates so that you can pay to the constructor for what has been built correctly. The three main results that should guarantee the inspection of a director’s work are the following: structural solidity. Perfect insulation from water and humidity. Perfect leads, brackets and levels. Designer and Director of work may well be different people, should not necessarily be the same person. What is more, I am in favour because they are different people, simply because four eyes see more than two, especially if those four eyes represent the same investment than two. You you like? A Cordial greeting. Martin.

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