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Work on optimizing your site are ad hoc occupy one or two weeks (depending on volume), and no further "support" in this regard Site is not required. That is, subscribing to a "subscription", you'll unfasten monthly money for nothing. Further ongoing support site is necessary, but in an entirely different direction – to promote the site. And for this You need not have the optimizer, and a copywriter. That he will make your site sell. Actually, it is connected before – during the creation of texts for a site, because an interesting, exclusive, unique content – it optimizing the main factor. In addition, it is the factor that works to improve you want to constantly: the content of pages requires regular updating. Place on the site news and articles, deeply revealing problems your industry.

Should not be reprinted repeatedly publicized in the online article: Search engines are able to recognize the same page, they simply "glue", and you do not get no effect. Put on your website unique texts. Then they will be reprinted other resources, and you get "white", it is legitimate in terms of search engines external links. Moreover, it will be thematic links, and they will lead you to targeted visitors. Ever, which is a high probability are converted into buyers. By the way, do not succumb to hype all kinds of exchanges of links and systems link exchange. Firstly, it is usually non-thematic links, which means that their weight in the eyes of search engines is small and targeted visitors to you, they do not lead.

Secondly, you often have no control over the process, and on your site may provide a link to pornoresursy, online games and other debris that can not only compromise your company, but also lead to penalties from the search engines: you can just "ban" that is, to prohibit site for indexing in one way or another search engine. Article marketing on the net – one of the most effective methods of promoting a web resource. Publish analytical, review, advertising, public relations articles, news and press releases about life and work of his company's respective web sites. In addition to multiplying external links and really interested in your products and services to visitors to the site, you are both energetically promoting their company network and strengthen your image of your company. As for content, it has a short, fast transient effect, and cost a pretty penny. Create unique content for your site will be much cheaper. Can check

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