The Fruits


It is not blinded by its zone of comfort or this could be its only sky. The faith that we take the veil is much more eloquente and efficient when ece of fish in the practical one. It does not advance to have a religion or to be an active participant in its church, will be insensitive to the necessities human beings. The hypocritical believer is worse of what the charismatic atheist. We will never be safe for the good workmanships that we practise, however do not only have to neglect the fact of that also we will be judged by what we leave to make, being able to make. It is the sin of the omission. In the epistle the Timteo, the author denounces the ones that make Christianity profession, but does not disclose in its life the fruits of a life transformed for the power of evangelho. It says: ' ' Having mercy appearance, they reveal dismissed of poder' ' 2 Tim.

3:5. My expensive one, does not have nothing worthy of louvor in the mere fulfilment of the obligations that a religion or the society imposes in them. When, only motivated for an unconditional love, we walk spontaneously the second mile, when habitually we go beyond the duty, is that we can wait one day to hear of the lips of the Master: ' ' Very well, good and faithful servant, you were faithful in little, on very you I will place. It enters in the joy of your Senhor.' ' Mat. 25:21 Then, the goodness Mr. reflected in its life, makes of you a person of much utility to they surround that it; the consequncia will be the delight of the perpetual life with Gods, friends, familiar and those that will be there for its certification. It thinks about this. Project the USA me

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