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You do when it, it writes up a new note of press. 6. Edelman PR understands that this is vital information. You have written once it, revsala. Olvdate of which you are your has written who it and ponte in the paper of the journalist: What you would do if you received that message? What impression you obtain from the person or company who has written that note of press? It is very important you reread that it and you rewrite so many times as is necessary until you are completely safe that you are saying what you mean and of the most correct and suitable form. You have written once it, you still do not send it. Continuous reading 2) To that we sent our note of press: amount versus quality Uses ” marketing of bistur”.

It carefully selects the mass media that can be interested in which your you announce. If you finish inaugurating the best Web on the cross Point, possibly it is a loss of time that you send a note of it presses on the matter to a publication specialized in stock-market. To make an indiscriminate shipment to all the known means of press, besides being a loss of time, can be considered Spam (publicity nonwished) and can perjudicarte more than you imagine. It selects the mass media that are trims in the subjects that you touch or that go to the public who interests to you. If you do not know it very clearly, it asks your clients about the magazines or newspapers read habitually.

And whenever you visit a friend, a partner or a client fjate in what type of press has in their office or waiting room. You will know it for the next time. Once selected the means to which you want dirigirte, you do not send the same message for all massively.

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